Area of application for industrial robots

Every day, industrial robots are used in many different companies, sectors, and applications to increase efficiency and generate added value. Industrial robot HORST is also ready for just about anything when it comes to automation. Thanks to its flexibility and intuitive operation, HORST is extremely efficient even for use with products with many variants or small-scale series. With HORST, you can set the course for future-oriented automation solutions.

HORST feels at home in every sector.

Industrial robots are used in the automation of an extensive range of processes in many different sectors, where they perform monotonous, dangerous, and strenuous tasks to reduce the risk of injury.

Our premium industrial robot HORST is helping to advance automation: in metal and plastics processing, medical and test engineering, and the automotive industry, as well as in training and education. And this is just the beginning..

Icon Metallverarbeitung - fruitcore robotics

Metal processing.
HORST loves heavy metal.

Icon Kunststoffverarbeitung- fruitcore robotics

Plastics processing.
No problem for HORST.

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Medical engineering.
HORST has already proved its worth here.

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Education & training.
HORST has what it takes.

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Other sectors.
HORST is highly versatile. 

A HORST for your application.

There are a variety of areas of application for industrial robots in the industrial context. These include workpiece handling, which comprises fitting, assembling, screwing, palletizing, stacking, and packaging, as well as workpiece testing, which includes measuring, gaging, or contact-free testing, as well as simple OK/not OK tests. Industrial robots can also be used in the context of joining technology, for example for bonding and sealing processes.

HORST is a 6-axis industrial robot with a universal application spectrum. In other words: HORST is a comprehensive robot system with a unique performance spectrum for a variety of industrial applications. Equipped with grippers, suction cups, and other tools, HORST adapts to your requirements. After all, it is your HORST for any eventuality.

Icon Werkstueckbehandlung - fruitcore robotics

Workpiece handling.
HORST is a specialist.

Icon Werkstückprüfung- fruitcore robotics

Workpiece testing.
HORST doesn’t let anything pass.