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A HORST for your application.

Your customizable industrial robot.

HORST is a 6-axis industrial robot with a universal application spectrum. In other words: HORST is a comprehensive robot system with a unique performance
spectrum for a variety of industrial applications. Equipped with grippers, suction cups and other tools, HORST adapts to your requirements. After all, it is your
HORST for any eventuality.

Workpiece handling. HORST is a specialist.
Fitting, assembling, screwing, palletizing, stacking and packaging – HORST is an expert in all types of workpiece handling. All of these functions are taken into account in our industrial robot and its software. It’s easy to adjust and easy to adapt depending on the application.

Workpiece testing. HORST doesn’t let anything pass.
Measuring, gaging, or contact-free testing – HORST is just as familiar with complex processes as it is with simple OK/not OK tests. HORST’s ability to concentrate stands out in workpiece testing.


Bonding and sealing. HORST is good at joining technology, too.
HORST is also a master of joining technology. Our industrial robot is designed for bonding and sealing processes in particular.

Other processes? HORST can handle those, too.
HORST can be used for many different applications and processes. Get in touch to discuss your project with us.

Are you looking for a robot solution
for your application?

HORST feels at home in every sector.

The ideal robot solution for your sector.

Our premium industrial robot HORST is helping to advance automation: in metal and plastics processing, medical and test engineering, the automotive industry, as well as in training and education. And this is just the beginning.

Metal processing. HORST loves heavy metal.
Whether it’s cutting or non-cutting manufacturing processes—as an industrial robot, HORST was developed precisely for these sectors. It can communicate and interact with all common machine tools.


Plastics processing. No problem for HORST.
From handling workpieces all the way to testing parts—HORST is optimized for the plastics sector.


Medical engineering. HORST has already proved its worth here.
Specific combinations of metal and plastic are quite common in the production of medical products—and our industrial robot HORST is made for this, as is demonstrated by excellent references from the field of medical engineering.


Education & training. HORST has what it takes.
HORST is a training product and industrial robot rolled into one. In other words: HORST can be used to demonstrate both simplicity and complexity consistently from the training room to the shopfloor.


Other sectors. HORST is highly versatile.
HORST is just waiting for new fields of application. Our industrial robot is already being used with great success in the automotive, electronics, medical engineering, metal and plastics processing, training and education sectors.

Are you looking for a robot solution
for your sector?

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