HORST offers industrial robotics full of innovations.

Here at fruitcore robotics, we firmly believe that automation solutions that are fit for the future can be created only if we take our customers’ needs as a basis and keep our finger on the pulse when designing our products. Our aim is to help shape the age of digitalization with innovative solutions. You can look forward to industrial robots with a variety of innovations.

The innovative kinematics of our four-bar linkages.

With HORST, we are pursuing an innovative kinematic approach on the basis of four-bar linkages. These four-bar linkages are arranged such that they allow high force transmission when the robot’s position requires it. If this force is no longer needed, the transmission ratio is reduced. With these product properties, HORST caters to our customers’ specific requirements for a robust and powerful industrial robot that is affordable at the same time.

A safe team player for your employees.

Thanks to the safety interfaces of horstCONTROL, connecting laser scanners, light curtains and other electronic safety systems such as an emergency stop function is not a problem. This makes our industrial robot a real team player in its protected area.

The strengths of modern production technologies.

We apply state-of-the-art production technologies in the production of our industrial robot HORST. We pay particular attention to simple subsystems and energy-optimized production. In doing so, we avoid complex and high-energy work steps consistently. This allows us to optimize functionality, reduce the probability of failure and contribute to saving our environment in the long term. And we do this with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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