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HORST has what it takes. Payload, dynamics and range.

900 mm range.

With its four-bar linkages, our 6-axis industrial robot HORST is based on an innovative drive concept. This makes it very powerful and provides it with an optimum ratio of range and payload.

Up to 5 kg payload.
HORST can take the load.

HORST can handle loads of up to 5 kilograms. With an installation area measuring 380 x 380 mm, the compact industrial robot can be used for a variety of applications. Do more — with HORST.

0.05 mm repeatability.
Exact to a T.

HORST is very particular about accuracy. Precise positioning is a matter of course for our industrial robot. The combination of serial and parallel structures results in a high level of rigidity and an excellent distribution of mass. This is why working with a high level of absolute and repeatability comes naturally to our industrial robot.

Top speed of 5 m/s.
Nice and quick.

HORST can work fast: Thanks to its design, HORST’s drive performance is highly efficient and its axis speeds are surprisingly fast. With a speed of 5 meters per second, this industrial robot operates at high speed at the tool center point (TCP).


Technical data

Number of axes
Nominal load*3 kg
Maximum range
905 mm
+/- 0,05 mm
Protection classification
WeightApprox. 50 kg
Installation area
380 mm x 380 mm
Power supply
230 VAC, 50-60 Hz,
typically 450 W
Ambient temperature
5-40 °C

Axis data

AxisRange of movement
Speed **

* Maximum payload up to 5 kg, depending on position and speed. Only after prior agreement with fruitcore robotics.

** The specified speeds apply for a payload of 2kg.

„HORST is an innovative
robot solution. The user interface is very easy.“

Thomas Burger, managing
partner of SBS-Feintechnik

HORST likes

Thanks to the mobile robot base HORST is
flexible in terms of application.


The graphical user interface of horstFX guides you through the program with ease.


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