Industrieroboter HORST mit seiner Viergelenkkette _fruitcore robotics

HORST offers industrial robotics packed with innovation.

We at fruitcore robotics are convinced: future-proof automation solutions can only be created if we focus on the needs of our customers and design our products with a finger on the pulse of time, which is why innovation is a top priority for us. With Digital Robot HORST, we offer you smart, connective, and future-proof robotic solutions – fruiturize your business.

From industrial robot to Digital Robot.

As Digital Robot, HORST can be optimally integrated into its environment and enables the use of digital services such as remote maintenance or monitoring of process data. Our Digital Robot represents simplicity, future viability, flexibility, and transparency and optimizes the interaction of hardware and software such as our horstCOSMOS IIoT platform and our horstFX operating software. Thanks to high-quality hardware and the right configuration of the software, you get the best cost-benefit ratio for your application.

Software is the future.

With our innovative horstFX operating software, we offer simple and intuitive operation of all robots of the HORST family. horstFX and horstCOSMOS ensure consistently high performance and continuous performance optimization over the entire service life of the robot. The intelligent software compensates for mechanical wear, expands functionality on a quarterly update cycle, and guarantees that your robot always remains state of the art. Through our horstCOSMOS IIoT platform, we are available with technical support and access to digital content.

A safe teamplayer.

Thanks to safety interfaces of the horstCONTROL control system, connecting laser scanners, light curtains, and other electronic safety systems such as the emergency stop is no problem. This makes our Digital Robot a safe team player.

Strenghts of modern manufacturing technologies.

For the production of our industrial robot HORST, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. We pay special attention to the simplicity of subsystems and energy-optimized manufacturing. In this way, we are able to consistently avoid time-consuming and energy-intensive work steps. That is how we optimize functionality, reduce the probability of downtime, and preserve the environment in the long term. And all this at an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The innovative mechatronics of our Digital Robot.

HORST is recognizably different from other robots and differs primarily in two criteria that lead to great performance at low cost: gearbox and production technology. The patented gearbox is the main innovation of fruitcore robotics' mechatronics. It is characterized by the intelligent arrangement of four-bar linkages in combination with stepping motors and planetary gears. In the field of production technology, fruitcore robotics uses a plate construction method to manufacture the arm elements.