Reference videos

HORST in action at University of Applied Sciences Offenburg

HORST in action at Imm Cleaning Solutions

HORST in action at add’n solutions

HORST in action at babyplast

fruitcore training station – HORST in action at ZGK

HORST in action at SBS-Feintechnik

Product videos

HORST900 industrial robot

HORST600 industrial robot

HORST robot software horstFX

Unboxing HORST

Protection class test for IP 54

HORST in combination with the Grip gripper change system

HORST in action with Sick PLOC2D

Presentation of the robot system

Connecting gripper in no time

2 HORSTs working together

HORST in combination with the VarioShaker

Application videos

DATRON milling maschine loaded by HORST

HORST goes full speed

HORST training application

Foba Laser M2000 loaded by HORST

HORST grips small parts

Micro plastic injection moulding with HORST

HORST in action with OnRobot

HORST collaborates with separator and vision system

HORST equips laser system

HORST in the assembly field at SBS-Feintechnik

HORST deburrs small components

HORST palletizes

Software videos

horstFX – Overview

horstFX – Overgrinding

horstFX – Essential functions

Short videos

HORST rides a Stand Up Paddle Board

I am not a robot Challenge

Programming loops in the ball path

Accuracy and linear movements in the labyrinth

HORST plays mill

HORST plays Dr. Bibber

HORST palletizes test tubes

HORST picks sugar cubes with a Festo Form Gripper

HORST disinfects

HORST grinding application

Hands-on palletizing of balls

HORST goes carnival