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Automate workpiece handling with HORST

Pick-and-Place Robot HORST

Pick-and-place robot HORST is our specialist for handling workpieces in the field of stacking and packaging, palletizing, loading and assembly. The pick-and-place robot is designed for each of these functions both in its construction and the software. Easy to adjust, easy to customize. Simply: HORST.

As an industrial robot, HORST is designed for an almost inexhaustible range of applications in the industrial sector. With a number of peripherals added, such as grippers, suction cups and other tools, HORST is suitable for your individual requirements.

Your advantages with pick-and-place robot HORST

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HORST convinces users from all industries with its flexible range of services and its unique cost-benefit ratio. HORST enables automation even for small companies and, of course, for medium-sized and large companies.

Our in-house developed horstFX software makes the operation of HORST child’s play. Even complex programs can be created within a few minutes with the graphical user interface and without any prior knowledge!

HORST has an optimal ratio between range and payload. Thanks to its innovative design, it can make optimum use of the workspace with a precise repeatability. HORST is the right one for your application thanks to its variety!

We develop and produce our robot system in Constance, Germany. We only use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and high-quality components in production to ensure a long service life for our products.

We support you with free phone support and qualified service technicians from all departments. We communicate at eye level. All for one. One for all. All for HORST.

Our pick-and-place robot is available in the following options

What makes our pick-and-place robot so special

Affordable premium industrial robot

Our HORST robot system comes in three versions with different ranges and payloads – HORST 600, HORST1000 and HORST1400. HORST operates efficiently and reliably 24/7. For applications within its performance range, our HORST pick-and-place robot offers an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.

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Innovative kinematics

Depending on the size, the pick-and-place robot is based on various innovative and well thought out kinematic concepts. HORST1000 and HORST1400, for example, are based on a novel drive concept in the form of four-bar linkages. This makes HORST very powerful and ensures an optimum ratio of range to payload.

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HORST has it all – in payload, range and dynamics. With its different payloads and ranges, our HORST robot system is suitable for any task. Moreover, HORST impresses with its highly efficient drive power and repeatability.

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Easy handling

Simple pick-and-place applications or complex processes where, for example, other machines have to be integrated into the process, can be programmed in just a few minutes with horstFX, our intuitive robot software via an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

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Modern manufacturing technologies

Only state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are used in the development and production of our HORST pick-and-place robots. The simplicity of the subsystems and resource-friendly manufacturing processes are particularly important to us. As a result, we not only raise functionality to a new level, but also reduce the probability of downtime and sustainably protect the environment.

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