Overall solution for your flexible part separation

horstCUBE plug & play part separation

horstCUBE plug & play Separation is equipped with everything necessary for the flexible separation of bulk material through camera recognition and part separator. Further process steps such as part output, part inspection, part sorting or part labeling can be easily integrated into the cell. The solution offers a calculable price framework for the flexible separation of bulk material.

from €49,995
horstCUBE plug & play part separation

from €49,995

Components and setup

Components of horstCUBE plug & play part separation in the standard configuration:

  • horstCUBE robot platform
  • Digital Robot HORST600
  • VarioShaker 270 bulk material separator from variobotic
  • 5L vibration hopper
  • Camera
  • Electrical 2-jaw parallel gripper

Additional adjustments of horstCUBE, the use of other components and the integration of further process steps lead to additional integration costs.

The horstCUBE plug & play package for flexible part separation includes in addition to the components of the standard configuration the following setup steps:

  • Assembly of horstCUBE and connection to an existing process
  • Configuration of hopper, part separator and camera
  • Installation and program creation
  • Modification of horstCUBE, e. g. machining of metal sheets, in order to connect the cell to a plant

horstCUBE plug & play for flexible part separation is in its standard configuration perfectly suitable for the application described. In case of different requirements, however, other components can be used. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Your advantages with horstCUBE plug & play separation:

  • Application validated and tested by fruitcore robotics
  • Easy and intuitive configuration and operation
  • Fast project planning and implementation
  • Guaranteed fast delivery of all components
  • Mapping of processes without additional PLC
  • Calculable price frame of the automation solution
  • Possible feasibility studies through fruitcore robotics
  • All-in-one solution – space-saving and quiet

Specification of the application – Flexible part separation

Optimal component size

5 - 50 mm

Optimal component weight

5 - 200 g

Further processing steps


Picks per minute

up to 15

Required range

up to 600 mm

Autonomy time

adjustable via hopper size

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