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The intuitive operating software for HORST


When we designed the control system for our industrial robot, we had a clear goal: it had to be as easy to use as a smartphone, so that anyone could find their way around it - whether for simple processes or highly complex applications.

horstFX Versions

Service overview

Operating software horstFX basic

  • Textual generation of programs
  • Use of digital inputs and outputs
  • Recording of process data
  • Sending process data to IIoT platform horstCOSMOS
  • Loading of grippers in operating software horstFX
  • Setting up a workspace limitation – “Check area” function
  • Use of “Safely reduced speed” function

Easy graphical operation horstFX graphic

  • Graphical generation of programs
  • Use of the digital twin for programming waypoints
  • Graphical programming of loops and IF statements
  • Graphical generation of functions & call of functions during program execution
  • Loading of a 3D world or further 3D objects in operating software horstFX
  • Use of “Free movement” function
  • Palletizing feature for easy generation of palletizing programs
  • Program simulation on the operating panel (without movement of the physical robot)

Advanced interfaces and communication horstFX external

  • Activation of primary interface for execution of external function calls (via XML-RPC)
  • Activation of “Modbus” interface
  • Activation of “Profinet” interface

Advanced robot performance horstFX performance

  • Maximum robot speed
  • Individually adjustable load for better cycle time

Our software packages – individually adapted to your needs

Do you need complex interfaces or would like to operate your robot graphically? You would like to make your processes even more efficient, simpler, and more manageable? No problem. With our software packages, you can customize your robot application.


Our service and support packages will support you in reducing costs as regular inspection and maintenance will extend the service life of your industrial robot. Proper function, availability, and cost-effective operation are therefore always guaranteed.

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The robot has everything we have been looking for. It is highly versatile, cost-effective, and the software is very easy to use.

Peter Imm, Owner and Managing Director at Imm Cleaning Solutions GmbH

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