Quickstart-Bundle mit Roboter HORST900_fruitcore robotics
CE-compliant overall solution.

Quickstart Bundle HORST900.

Our CE-compliant HORST900 grip/vac Quickstart bundles increase the productivity and efficiency of your processes without complex integration efforts making the start of your automation process simple and quick. Plug & Play - wherever our Digital Robot with 2-jaw parallel gripper or vacuum suction gripper is intended to be used.

€21,495 plus software package
Quickstart Bundle HORST900.

€21,495 plus software package

Your advantages with our Quickstart bundles

  • CE-compliant overall solution
  • Easy and quick start 
  • Suitable for use in almost all industrial sectors
  • Straightforward connection to external machines
  • Simple and fast programming with horstFX
  • Attractive cost-benefit ratio
  • Short payback period
  • Fast delivery
  • Made in Germany 


  • Industrial Robot HORST900
  • Switch cabinet incl. complete safety control
  • Operating software horstFX basic
  • Operating panel with mount
  • Mobile Roboter Base M
  • 4-sided flexible safety fence 

Available for selection:

  • Gripping technology vac: electric vacuum generator with 3 different vacuum grippers and flange or
  • Gripping technology grip: 2-jaw parallel gripper with gripper jaws 


  • Safety scanners instead of safety fence (a configuration of the Quickstart Bundle with safety laser scanners must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and always requires an additional CE approval)

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Quickstart Bundle HORST900
Quickstart Bundle HORST900
€21,495 plus software package
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