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Tools and Peripherals

HORST is an industrial robot with a versatile range of applications. In other words, as a comprehensive robot system, HORST has a unique performance spectrum for a wide range of industrial applications. Equipped with grippers, vacuum grippers, and other tools, HORST adapts to your requirements. Your HORST for all cases.



Measuring and test equipment and sensors

The basic prerequisite for unattended operation in manufacturing and assembly cells is functioning measuring and testing equipment as well as sensors for position and object detection.

In order to produce at a high-quality level in these fully automated cells, continuous, direct, and indirect monitoring of the production quality is required. In addition, the stability of the production process must be ensured by static and dynamic monitoring of the manufacturing equipment.

Our Digital Robot HORST can be upgraded with any sensors and can be connected to test equipment. As a result, you will achieve error-free production – with zero stress.


Camera systems – HORST keeps an eye on everything 

Machine Vision (robots controlled by image processing) and corresponding technologies are increasingly moving to the fore of manufacturing companies to work more time-efficiently and to increase productivity.

HORST is a true all-rounder in combination with camera systems: our robot checks the quality of your processes and controls them, guides machines, identifies components, reads codes, and provides valuable data to optimize your production.

All industrial robots of the HORST series can be optionally equipped with compatible 2D or 3D camera systems from various manufacturers. horstVISION is the interface that supports intuitive and simple integration of the suitable camera. We offer you a direct and simple connection to the camera as well as sample programs and a quick start for your camera-guided robot.


Material flow systems – Go with the flow

Selecting the right feeding solution is at least as complex as selecting an industrial robot itself. It is particularly important that the entire handling process is clearly described and that type and scope of the tasks and the variety of parts that need to be conveyed are known. Material flow systems are used to store and transport workpieces.

With fruitcore robotics FUSION, you have the possibility to use a cell with an integrated material flow system for straightforward and flexible production.

A detailed overview of all end devices that are compatible with HORST can be found here.


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Tools and Peripherals
Tools and Peripherals
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