horst365 Professional:
Intelligent service and support

The benefits you get from horst365 Professional, your intelligent service and support: Access to the IoT platform horstCOSMOS: With the horstCOSMOS IoT platform, you can manage your HORST industrial robots, back up data, and get regular updates of the horstFX control software and system components. horstCOSMOS provides access to the very latest features and performance optimizations in system components. Remote connection:Thanks to the remote connection, it’s easy to get customer-oriented support directly on the robot systems with response times of just a few hours. Qualified staff members are available to answer your questions by phone. Predictive maintenance: The continual measurement and evaluation of your robot data via our IoT robot portal horstCOSMOS makes it possible to conduct preventive maintenance. This creates the basis for forecasting wear and tear on the robot components. Thanks to the predictable services and repairs, you get full transparency and control over your costs, which means you minimize your risks. A wide variety of assistance: We offer you a wide variety of assistance on everything to do with HORST! You will find comprehensive and in-depth technical information about our products in the form of FAQs, an extensive knowledge base, tutorials, and videos. We will also be happy to support you by providing direct contact with our experts in the fruitcore network. Reliability and transparency: by extending the warranty to 3 years.

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Product description

horst365 Professional: Intelligent Service and Support

Elements of horst365 Professional include:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Maintenance based on the robots’ operating life and workload, reminder function for recommended maintenance operations (depending on degree of utilization).
  • Remote assistance
  • Assistance in programming with horstFX, optimization of programs and cycle times.
  • Reduction of the response time to solve your urgent issues. Short response times through remote connection with fruitcore experts
  • Management, backup and updates of the horstFX control software and the system components
  • Monitoring of all status information and performance data
  • Reliability and transparency with a 3-year warranty


The S service and the M service are included in the horst365 Professional package

S Service:

  • Examination of degree of soiling, operating noises, control of the energy chains and cables
  • Visual inspection to check symmetry and external damage to the frame structure, housing parts, shafts, link chains
  • Review of the sequences of movement to prevent wear and tear
  • Functional test of the safety components (emergency stop button, etc.)
  • Written recommendations for optimization, including expected benefits
  • Review of the log file to identify risks of malfunction
  • Replacement of the external cables on the robot


M service (as required, at least once every 3 years):

  • Analysis of robot performance
  • Review and analysis of the robot-specific service life data
  • Optimization of the application to reduce preventable wear and tear
  • Replacement of wearing parts (e.g. drive belts)
  • L maintenance can be booked as an option, and you will be offered a discount for this



HORST600 models EUR 1,495 per year
HORST900 models EUR 1,795 per year
HORST1400 models EUR 2,395 per year

Minimum term: 3 years

The specifications, data, and illustrations shown are for information purposes only and do not constitute any guarantee of specific properties. Subject to change. The scope of services is determined by the respective subject matter of the contract.

HORST is also available in these variants:

  • Pick-and-Place Roboter HORST600lab - fruitcore robotics


    Industrial robot HORST600 lab

    Robot system including control, operating panel and horstFX.


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    Industrial robot HORST900

    Robot system including control, operating panel and horstFX.

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    Industrieroboter HORST1400

    Coming soon.
    Robot system including control, operating panel and horstFX.


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