Individual solutions

Are you in need of a large quantity of robots that are adjusted to your individual requirements? That’s not a problem with HORST. Our experts for application engineering, software development and design will be happy to help you adapt HORST to your existing systems.

What we offer:

  • Software packages adapted to your requirements
  • Individual robot controls for your systems, e.g.
    • Interface extensions
  • Adapted mechanical robot functions, e.g.
    • Number and length of axes
    • Installation position
    • Repeatability and absolute repeatability
    • Ratio of payload and speed as well as geometry of the workspace
  • Individual configuration of the overall system
    • Integration of cameras, sensors and tools
    • Integration of special operating systems such as sensor jackets and gloves, 6D mouse
  • Indisvidual configuration of the overall system

Are you interested in delver deeper into the configuration of our systems?

Upon request, you can obtain broad access to our robot software and control. Get in touch with us. Become a partner.

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