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Training station A

HORST makes a lot of things easier, including in training. Our industrial robot is the perfect combination of production system and training application. It’s ideal for giving your company’s apprentices a hands-on demonstration of what’s important and not just in theory. Intuitive and hands-on where possible. Offline on the PC where necessary. Everything trainees need to know about automation. This is how Industry 4.0 is done today: It starts during training. In educational institutions. At companies. Everywhere. Equipment:
  • 6-axis industrial robot HORST600
  • Robot control panel
  • Switch cabinet including complete safety control
  • Electric robot gripper with gripper jaws for applications
Mobile robot base: All-purpose platform, enclosed on two sides
  • Emergency stop button
  • Mount for robot control panel
  • 2D safety scanner
  • Work surface with hole patterns for a variety of training applications
  • With wheels for mobile use
  • Software licenses for offline programming of horstFX
  • Complete visualization with the digital twin
  • JavaScript programming language
Training applications including solutions:
  • Hands-on palletizing of balls
  • Programming loops in the ball path
  • Accuracy and linear movements in the labyrinth
Teaching units:
  • Didactically developed tutorials for immediate use, including exercises and solutions
  • Different levels of complexity (graphical and textual programming)
  • Incl. basics of robotics


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and shipping cost.
Internationally, different prices and conditions apply.
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Technical data

Number of axes
Maximum payload*3 kg
Nominal load1 kg
Maximum range 584 mm
+/- 0,05 mm
Protection classification
WeightApprox. 20 kg
Installation area
382 x 200 mm
Power supply
230 VAC, 50-60 Hz,
typisch: 450 W
Ambient temperature
5-40 °C

* Depending on load distances and speed.


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