Your Advantages with Digital Robot HORST

Our Digital Robot HORST is equipped for the future with intelligent software, ensuring compatibility and communication at all times. As a Digital Robot, HORST represents the ideal link between the digital and physical elements of robotics.

HORST Is Tailored to Your Individual Needs

With HORST, you only pay for the services and features you need. This way, HORST meets your highest demands at prices that are attractive for small companies and, of course, even more so for medium-sized and large companies. HORST is your Digital Robot with an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.

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HORST Saves Time and Money

Whether for simple or complex applications, with HORST you are ready to get started in the blink of an eye. With the intuitive user interface and predefined program standards of the horstFX operating software, programming becomes a snap saving time and money.

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HORST Offers 1 Arm, 6 Axes, and 1000 Possibilities

Loading. Unloading. Stacking. Sorting. Packing. Whether pick & place applications in metal or plastics processing, in medical or testing technology, there is almost nothing that HORST cannot do. It feels right at home in almost all industrial sectors.

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With HORST Everything Is Kept Transparent

Our IIoT platform horstCOSMOS allows you to keep track of all robots and the services you have booked and configure them according to your needs.

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HORST Is Robust, Fast, and Powerful

Your quality standards are high? HORST's performance is too. Thanks to its innovative design, our industrial robot is exceedingly robust, efficient, and fast. Whatever you automate: HORST can handle it.

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HORST Is Made in Germany

Developed, manufactured, and distributed in and from Constance located at Lake Constance, our industrial robot is available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and soon everywhere in the EU.

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HORST Always Comes With Advice and Support

You can rely on HORST just like you can rely on us. Wherever you are, we offer you advice and support for all questions concerning HORST - from your order to support during operation.

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