With interfaces for external components





Our robot system is not only very easy to operate, but also offers extensive external interfaces and APIs. In addition to an extensive web interface, there are also classic and commonly used fieldbus interfaces such as Profinet and Modbus. HORST therefore enables the implementation of a wide range of automation processes, both as a central control unit and as a “slave”.

Possible applications for HORST in complex processes:


  • Easy integration of camera systems
  • Coordination with other machines via fieldbus or digital inputs/outputs
  • Extensive opportunities in the scripting language horstSCRIPT with predefined libraries
  • Easy integration into higher order control systems (PLC)
  • Integration in ROS 
  • Open and well-documented interfaces with code examples in different programming languages simplify the training period enormously


In addition, our control comes with a mobile dongle. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Digital Robots without having to access your in-house internet.

If you want to access our fully comprehensive interfaces, you can easily add horstFX external with our software packages.

You want to delve deeper into our interfaces and I/Os? Feel free to take a look at our technical knowledge collection.


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