Kameraerkennung horstVISION_fruitcore robotics
The smart interface for vision-guided robotics.


Your advantages with horstVISION


  • Direct and simple connection to the camera 
  • Individual configuration for your application
  • Increased efficiency thanks to short changeover times
  • Teach-in new parts yourself via CAD (3D)
  • Automatic path planning and collision detection through HORST and horstVISION (3D)
  • Error prevention during assembly

horstVISION 2D

Pick and Place 

In combination with a 2D camera system, industrial robot HORST can quickly and easily detect and reliably pick up and place components. Different components can be distinguished, localized, and handled by HORST without a predefined position. In addition, our Digital Robots can recognize and identify codes on components or assemblies. By using an additional vibrating table, even overlying objects can be separated and singled in a process-safe manner. The camera can be positioned stationary so that the robot guides the component to the camera, or mobile, where the camera is moved to the correct position and captures the code of assembled components.

Quality control

6-axis industrial robot HORST can be used in combination with a 2D camera system for a wide variety of quality control tasks in your production process. HORST checks whether components are in the correct position or whether all required components are available, by comparing and ensuring features for part control, for example.  In this way, material defects such as surface scratches, shrinkage cavities, and others can be detected and insufficient components can be removed. In addition, HORST measures your components, separates defective components reliably and thus ensures process reliability. Whether inspection of prefabricated parts or inline quality control – HORST takes over your quality control in an intelligent, reliable, and precise way.

horstVISION 3D

Position detection

When reaching into the crate or bin picking, Digital Robot HORST uses a 3D camera system to remove disordered and often irregularly shaped individual parts from a container and feeds them in the correct orientation for further processing. Using the camera system and integrated image processing, horstVISION creates a three-dimensional image of the working environment and the contents of the crate. In this way, for example, hanging components can be picked up reliably and collision-free from transport racks or rack systems and placed down again in a defined manner. Even unsorted components from a wire mesh box or a small load carrier (SLC) can be picked up and correctly positioned – HORST brings order to the chaos!



Intelligent parts handling

A 3D camera system makes HORST the expert for intelligent parts handling.

With the camera system, components can be recognized based on CAD data and the gripping position for the robot can be determined. Our robot calculates the optimal robot path in interaction with horstVISION automatically and guarantees the absence of collisions. HORST thus intelligently recognizes a component, detects the suitable gripping position, picks up the component precisely and quickly, and puts it down again in a defined and safe manner.


Depalletizing of parts

In combination with a 3D camera system, fully automatic depalletizing of inaccurately positioned pallets or stacks is no problem for HORST!
The 3D camera system enables HORST to detect height positions in addition to the 2D system without having to teach in the individual positions meaning that components can be detected and gripped even more precisely.
HORST therefore depalletizes small load carriers (SLC) in different sizes and alignments in the same process, for example!