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The robot for your innovative digital lab.

Industrial robot HORST600 lab

HORST600 lab is our robot system for pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises as well as laboratory and research facilities. Simplicity and performance as well as industry-specific features make HORST600 lab the robot of your choice.

From €12,245
Industrial robot HORST600 lab

Payload 3 kg | Range584 mm | Repeatability+/- 0,05mm

From €12,245

Your advantages with our Digital Robot

  • Simple operation
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio for your application
  • Can be used in almost all industrial sectors
  • Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises as well as for laboratory and research facilities
  • White special varnish for laboratory technology (increased resistance to cleaning agents, designed for wipe disinfection with 70 % ethanol)
  • Optional SiLA interface* 
  • Digital Robots: simplicity through connectivity at all stages of life – from initial installation and connection to operation, maintenance and repair.

* Additional (annual) cost will arise for the SiLa interface depending on the project. The provision of the SiLa interface may influence the delivery time of the robot system. Please clarify individually with fruitcore robotics when ordering. 

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Particularly loadable.

HORST600 lab can handle payloads of up to 3 kilograms. With an installation area of 382 x 200 mm, the compact industrial robot can be used for a wide range of applications. There is more possible - with HORST.

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The 6-axis industrial robot HORST600 lab impresses with its well-thought-out kinematics as well as its low space requirement yet large workspace with a maximum range of 584 mm. It convinces with its high performance and the optimal ratio of range and payload.

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Truly accurate.

HORST takes everything very accurately: precise positioning is a matter of course for our industrial robot. With its 6 axes, it is in no way inferior to its big brothers in terms of accuracy. HORST600 lab has no trouble working with high absolute and repeat accuracy.

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Pretty fast.

HORST speeds up - and not just a little: thanks to its design, its drive power is highly efficient and its axis speeds are remarkably fast. With speeds of up to 4.4 meters per second, this industrial robot moves at high speed at the tool center point (TCP).

Software packages and digital service options

Customized automation solutions with HORST! Thanks to our software and digital service options, you have the possibility to configure your automation package yourself!

Do you need complex interfaces or would like to operate your robot graphically? You would like to make your processes even more efficient, simpler and more manageable? Find your matching software package now.

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HORST600 lab
HORST600 lab
  • Range 584 mm
  • Repeatability +/- 0,05mm
From €12,245