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Highly Optimized Robotic Systems Technology. The affordable premium industrial robot.

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HORST – the future of innovative industrial robotics.

Today, the future of each and every industrial enterprise lies in automation. This is precisely why we developed HORST. HORST stands for Highly Optimized Robotic Systems Technology. That sounds incredibly complex—and it is. It’s all the better that using and operating HORST is pleasantly straightforward.

How did we manage that? We combined the advantages of conventional industrial robots with those of cobots. This allows our HORST to be quick and efficient while also being convenient to use. Premium quality at an affordable price. HORST is ideal for the flexible, long-term and easy-to-implement automation of processes at your company.

HORST is ready to go at the touch of a button. Automatically.

You don’t need any programming skills. You can concentrate entirely on your core business. HORST will be your assistant. Right from the start. With horstFX. Thanks to our intuitive robot software, you can get HORST up and running with just a few taps of a finger and take a huge step forward in automating your industrial applications. Get started. With HORST, your premium industrial robot.

Users are delighted with HORST:
What our customers say.

It goes without saying that we want to impress our customers. However, it is crucial that you see HORST for yourself – and hear what our customers have to say.
Why don’t you come in and see for yourself?


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The industrial robot HORST in action at SBS-Feintechnik


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fruitcore training station – HORST in action at ZGK

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We work together with numerous partners. Feel free to contact us if you want to implement a specific application. Or if you want to become a partner yourself.


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