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Bonding and Sealing

Your benefits with our robot for joining technology

  • Simple: Easy programming, short changeover times.
    The compact design of the premium robot, its high flexibility and the different assembly option make HORST extremely versatile.


  • Efficient: Safe and fast production with HORST. 
    Maximize efficiency, increase quality, consistency and production speed. HORST ensures consistent quality and offers flexible solutions for your joining process.


  • Affordable: HORST is worth its price.
    HORST convinces users from all industries with its unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.


  • Flexible: HORST is compact and flexible.
    With straightforward programming, fast changeover times are guaranteed, making the implementation of production process changes quick, easy and cost-effective.


  • Precise: HORST has a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm.
    For HORST, even the most delicate tasks are child’s play.


  • Smart: HORST is equipped with all interfaces commonly used in the industry.
    IIoT – open interfaces for the transmission of programs, control of external machines and integration of safety-relevant components.


Get to know HORST?

HORST industrial robot – Your robot for joining technology


The HORST – Highly Optimized Robotic Systems Technology – 6-axis industrial robot helps you to assemble the various parts of your product. To prevent the ingress of liquids, gases, dust, heat and cold, the sealing process can be important for the production of your products. An automated solution can prevent errors and join two metal parts reliably and securely.  HORST can be used for clinching processes and can help to join two or more metal sheets through cold forming. Benefit from the automation of your bonding, sealing or clinching process with HORST.

HORST ensures consistent quality and enables a flexible solution for your joining process. The compact design of the premium industrial robot, the great flexibility and the various assembly options make it highly versatile.The 6-axis industrial robot from fruitcore robotics is characterized by a straightforward connection to external machines and can easily and efficiently master a wide range of automation tasks in combination with various grippers, suction cups, dispensers or optical image processing systems.

HORST scores with an intuitive operation that enables easy and fast programming without prior programming knowledge. The simplicity of programming pays off especially in the production of varying workpieces, through low set-up costs and a quick changeover. HORST helps you to maximize the efficiency of your production, to improve performance and to increase quality.

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These are the tasks our robot takes on in the field of joining technology


Adhesive bonding is used to join products made of several parts and different materials. This is how you create stable adhesive joints. With its repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm, HORST is extremely precise and creates consistent quality in joining technology.

Pick-and-Place Roboter - Viergelenkkette - fruitcore robotics


Interstices and cavities are sealed to prevent the ingress of substances such as liquids, gases, dust, heat and cold.HORST takes on the sealing process together with external tools and machines to ensure the functionality of your products.

Digital Robot HORST beim Einsatz für Fügetechnik_fruitcore robotics


Clinching is a mechanical joining technology. This technique is characterized by partial clinching of the parts to be joined with subsequent upsetting and achieves a positive and non-positive connection. Combined with robotic tongs, HORST reliably performs the clinching process.

Digital Robot mit Druckfüg-Greifer_fruitcore robotics

Frequently asked questions about robots in joining technology

The joint of individual parts can be realized in the production process through joining technology. Individual parts can be joined by bonding. Sealing products is another part of joining technology and ensures that substances are prevented from penetrating into cavities and gaps. Welding and clinching are also part of joining technology. Robots take over the joining processes with great accuracy and enable cost-effective production of large quantities. HORST is your industrial robot for automated production processes.

In order to be used efficiently in joining technology, industrial robots must achieve a high level of repeatability. This is the only way to ensure consistently high quality in the automated industrial process. The simple connection of external machines and tools is another requirement that an industrial robot must fulfill in order to be used efficiently in joining technology. HORST meets these requirements with a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm and the interfaces commonly used in the industry.

Accuracy is one of the most important requirements in joining technology.

With a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm, HORST meets these important requirements for joining technology. Furthermore, HORST offers the advantage of intuitive and fast programming. With the horstFX software that was developed specifically for the HORST robot system, programming an application is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Programming skills are not required, as the associated touchpad allows the digital twin to be moved and programmed simply by pointing a finger.

Equipped with the compact and lightweight horstCONTROL control and with all interfaces commonly used in the industry for connection to external machines and tools, HORST can be used very flexibly. With the Mobile Robot Base, HORST can easily be moved to the place you need it. Changeover times are reduced to a minimum due to simple and fast programming and flexibility, which saves time and money! Besides, HORST has an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio even though it is developed, built and distributed directly in Germany. With its innovative kinematics, it is possible to equip industrial robot HORST with standard drives, 6-axis robot HORST thus completes all the tasks set for it with ease, efficiency and precision.

For an operational automation solution with a robot system, not only the robot itself, including control, operating equipment and software, is required, but depending on the application and automation process, there are additional components and costs for the so-called peripherals (grippers, suction cups and other tools), project management, commissioning, system engineering, actual operation and maintenance and servicing.

The HORST robot system consists of the 6-axis industrial robot, the horstCONTROL control system, the hostPANEL operating panel and the horstFX intuitive software. horstCONTROL is equipped with all interfaces commonly used in the industry and enables easy connection of tools and external machines.

HORST convinces with an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio. The innovative and unique kinematics make it possible to equip HORST’s drive technology with standard components, allowing us to dispense with expensive special solutions. Engineering skills and quality made in Germany!

The commissioning of HORST is incredibly easy. Following the plug-and-play principle, HORST can be easily programmed via the touchpad included and the horstFX software, so that even without programming knowledge you can create an application in a few minutes and HORST can get started. The changeover to another product is thus also easy and quick – saving time and money!

Furthermore, HORST is economical and low-wear during operation. Service and maintenance are very easy with HORST. All parts can be replaced quickly, which makes HORST very maintenance-friendly. So, with HORST, you save not only on the purchase but also in daily use. The production costs per part are thus significantly reduced.

Do you want to bond several individual parts or different materials, or seal a cavity or gap? You would like to automate welding or clinching in your manufacturing process while maintaining consistent quality even for very large quantities?

Then you should consider an automation solution with an industrial robot!

Industrial robots are ideally suited for joining applications, as they always achieve a consistent result with the same repeatability. With a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm, HORST is also very precise. As HORST can work highly concentrated around the clock, you can maximize your efficiency and increase and maintain the quality of your products.