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You can rely on HORST. And on us, too. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our industrial robot and how to integrate it in your automation process. Take a look at our FAQs here on this page or feel free to contact us in person.

Can HORST be used without a typical protective space?

Yes, under certain conditions: Although HORST has no external sensor system and is therefore not a cobot, it can easily be upgraded to a cobot with the right sensors. Its safety control can easily be connected to safety sensors such as laser scanners or light curtains. This allows monitored stopping, as well as speed and distance monitoring. There is nothing to prevent you from working without a typical protective space in neighboring areas or in workspaces at different times.

Why wasn’t HORST design as a cobot?

Cobots, i.e. robots that can work hand-in-hand with humans without additional external sensor systems, are heavily limited in terms of speed. In addition, only a very small number of processes are approved for working with cobots. As a result, only a few cobots without additional safety equipment are currently in use. In contrast, we deliberately focused on HORST’s performance and did not design it as a cobot. Instead, we combined the simple operation of a cobot with the efficiency and speed of an industrial robot and can thereby benefit from the best of both worlds.

In which countries is HORST available?

HORST is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have a support hotline and on-site contacts for these countries. HORST will presumably also be available in other EU countries as from 2020.

What about service, maintenance and updates?

Thanks to their innovative design, robot systems from fruitcore robotics exhibit optimum wear and maintenance behavior. Depending on how HORST is used, we recommend performing regular visual inspections to check the systems. If maintenance is required, all modules are designed such that they can be exchanged quickly. Neither specialized knowledge nor special tools are required. Our software and service contract includes regular system maintenance, but most importantly, it includes continuous software updates which optimize the performance and scope of services of the systems, for example.

What should be taken into account in terms of singularities and axis limitations with HORST?

What are known as singularities present a central challenge when operating a multi-axis robot manually. The axes can move quickly when the robot is in one of these positions. In a number of other control types, this can lead to problems that can be solved only by robot programmers with expert knowledge. In contrast, we designed horstFX, HORST’s manual control,  to be very easy. Difficult positions are passed through at slower speeds, and when the axis limits are reached the user is notified of the robot’s limiting position by means of a graphic illustration. Just relax. HORST will take care of it.

Is communication via TCP/IP possible?

Yes. The TCP/IP interface allows you to control the robot by means of function calls from an external computer via an Ethernet connection. The data is transferred via the XML-RPC protocol. Thanks to the open protocol and the sample projects provided by fruitcore robotics, the robot’s external interface can be integrated easily in various different programming languages. Sample projects are provided in the Java, Python and HTML/JavaScript programming languages.

Which functions does the TCP/IP interface offer?

All those that you already know from textual programming. For example, it is possible to execute the robot’s movement, to query the robot’s position, the inputs on the robot/switch cabinet and other status messages and to set outputs on the robot/switch cabinet in order to control machines or grippers connected there.

Which laws and guidelines must be observed?

Our robot systems are designed in accordance with the applicable laws and guidelines. In accordance with the Machinery Directive, the HORST robot system is an incomplete machine in delivery condition; a declaration of incorporation is included. In order to perform applications, application-specific components such as grippers, for example, must be installed. The requirement for obtaining the CE marking for the overall system is that suitable safety systems and the specified documentation of the overall application be added to the robot systems.

Who is behind fruitcore robotics?

fruitcore robotics — we are company founders and HORST developers Jens Riegger, Manuel Frey, Tim Schmiedl, Tobias Kuentzle and Patrick Zimmermann. Together with a team that currently includes around 50 professionals from different professional fields, we have been developing and marketing our HORST robot systems successfully for years.

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