horstFX. The smart way to operate HORST.

horstFX is digital reflection of HORST. The graphical user interface.

We designed horstFX so that you can create robot programs without having to write code. The graphical user interface guides you through the program with ease. You can move the digital reflection of the industrial robot HORST on its axes, in the gripper’s coordinate system, or at the base—live and in real time. All with a simple click. Or offline in the simulation. However you like.

Almost as easy as a smartphone. Intuitive operation.

When it came to the operation, we had a clear goal: We wanted it to be as easy as a smartphone so that everybody could get the hang of it, whether it was for simple processes or highly complex applications. horstFX offers a quick and easy user interface for HORST. It was designed to be intuitive and convenient and developed specially for touchscreens, and the included operating panel in particular. For more advanced functions, you can also operate horstFX on your desktop, using a mouse and keyboard. This way, you can enjoy all the possibilities.

Predefined standards. For your application.

There are numerous applications that follow the same pattern. Palletizing, for example. Here, HORST does all the programming work for you right from the start. We have already programmed the palletizing function in a chessboard matrix as a preset. This allows you to simply access the setting and adjust the parameters step by step to your specific requirements. No major programming work required. We are continuously expanding the number of features for specific applications. We will be happy to take your individual needs into account.

And if things should get more complex. There is textual operation.

You don’t need to write any textual code, but you can if you need to. You can perform highly complex programming on HORST and horstFX if needed. The extended mode offers extensive pro functions. Here, you can use JavaScript to configure all the process parameters separately from the graphic programming interface, using your mouse and keyboard. As a further special feature, graphically created programs can be converted into textual code automatically. This allows you to adjust details directly in the source code and program sophisticated applications efficiently.

Award handling 2019 - fruitcore robotics
Award Best of Industry 2020 - fruitcore robotics
Award Focus Open Silver 2020 - fruitcore robotics
Award Focus Open Gold 2020 - fruitcore robotics
Award Leserpreis Handling Award 2020 - fruitcore robotics

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