The integration of a 2D- or 3D-camera system and horstVISION enables all industrial robots of the HORST series to work adaptively. HORST thus recognizes its working environment and can quickly and easily locate, identify, check, gather up and process workpieces without having to follow predefined paths.

  • Individual configuration for your application
  • Simple initial setup in the shortest time
  • Simple and intuitive operation even without programming skills
  • Increased efficiency through short retrofit times
  • Flexible production even with small batch sizes
  • Straightforward new installation in the shortest possible time
  • Mobile or stationary application options for cameras
  • Teach-inof new parts via CAD data (3D)
  • Automatic path planning and collision prevention with HORST and horstVISION (3D)
Industrieroboter HORST - horstVISION - fruitcore robotics

horstVISION 2D

In interaction with a 2D-camera system, components can be quickly and easily recognized and securely picked up and placed by industrial robot HORST. Even various components without a predefined position can be identified, located and handled by HORST. By using an additional vibrating table, even objects lying on top of each other can be separated  in a process-safe manner.

Assembly processes
HORST uses the camera system to detect positions on objects such as screw holes and provides them with the appropriate components (e.g. screws). The exact position of the object is not necessary for this process.

Track &Trace
Using a 2D-camera system, industrial robots HORST recognizes codes on components or assemblies and can identify these.
Two options are provided for positioning the camera:

  • Stationary: The camera has a fixed position. The robot moves the component to the camera.
  • Mobile: The robot moves the camera to the correct position and captures the code of assembled components.


  • Error avoidance in component assembly
  • Tracking of material and production flow
  • Monitoring of processes

6-axis industrial robot HORST in combination with horstVISION 2D can be used for various quality control tasks in your production process.

  • Matching and verifying features for part surveillance. Among other things, HORST checks whether components are in the correct position or whether all required components are present.
  • Material defects such as surface scratches, blowholes, etc. can be detected and insufficient parts can be removed.
  • Component measurement: HORST measures your components, removes faulty components and ensures process reliability.

Whether for the inspection of fabricated parts or inline quality control
– HORST performs your quality control intelligently, reliably and precisely.

Industrieroboter HORST - Kameraerkennung - fruitcore robotics

horstVISION 3D

During bin-picking, industrial robot HORST uses a 3D-camera system to pick random and often irregularly shaped parts from a bin and transfers them in the correct orientation for further processing.

Using the camera system and integrated image processing, horstVISION creates a three-dimensional image of the working environment and the contents of the bin.
HORST selects the appropriate components intelligently and collision-free by means of collision-checked path planning, e.g. unordered components can be taken from a skeleton box or small load carrier (KLT) and correctly positioned – HORST brings order to chaos!

Due to a 3D-camera system a complete recognition of the target orientation in three dimensions is no problem for HORST. The part can then be gripped and positioned in a predefined way. The 3D position detection allows, for example, even parts suspended on bar carts or shelving systems to be picked up reliably and collision-free and then placed back in a defined position.

With a 3D- camera system you can turn your HORST into an expert for intelligent part handling. Based on CAD data, the camera system can recognize parts and determine the gripping position for the robot. In combination with horstVISION, HORST automatically identifies the optimum robot path and guarantees collision-free operation. HORST and horstVISION together intelligently recognize workpieces, determine a suitable gripping position, pick up the workpiece securely, precisely and quickly, and deposit it in a defined position.

Fully-automatic depalletizing of not exactly positioned pallets or stacks is no problem for HORST in combination with horstVISION and a 3D-camera system! With a 3D-camera system, HORST is able to recognize height positions, in addition to the 2D-system, without having to teach-in the individual positions and can therefore recognize and grip components even more precisely. For example, HORST depalletizes small load carriers (slc) in different sizes and orientations in the same process!

Industrieroboter HORST - Kameraerkennung - fruitcore robotics
Award handling 2019 - fruitcore robotics
Award Best of Industry 2020 - fruitcore robotics
Award Focus Open Silver 2020 - fruitcore robotics
Award Focus Open Gold 2020 - fruitcore robotics
Award Leserpreis Handling Award 2020 - fruitcore robotics

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