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Automation made easy with HORST.

Lightweight robot HORST

Our lightweight robot HORST combines technical innovations in mechanical kinematics with the intuitively operated horstFX software. HORST stands for “Highly Optimized Robotic Systems Technology.” That sounds incredibly complex—and it is. By contrast, the operation and use of our lightweight robot is all the more simple.

Our industrial robot HORST is available in three variants with different load capacities and ranges: HORST600, HORST1000, and HORST1400. HORST is quick and efficient while also being convenient to use—it’s well thought-out and made easy. HORST is ideal for the long-term and easy-to-implement automation of processes.


Your advantages with our lightweight robot HORST.

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HORST’s flexible performance spectrum and unique cost–benefit ratio are convincing. The industrial robot is already used in many sectors. Automate your production too—with HORST!

Programming robots made easy as pie! Our specially developed software horstFX allows even complex programs to be created in a few minutes using the graphical user interface.

Thanks to its innovative design, HORST achieves an optimum ratio of range and load capacity. As a result, it can make optimum use of the workspace and has very high repeat accuracy.

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HORST is made in Germany. In Constance on Lake Constance, to be precise. In production, we use state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality components exclusively in order to ensure that our products have a long service life.

We are always here for you. We provide free support via telephone and qualified service technicians.

Our robot system is available in the following versions

What makes our lightweight robot HORST so special

Affordable premium industrial robot.

Automation with HORST. Simple. Efficient. Affordable. Our robot system HORST comes in three variants with different ranges and load capacities and an unbeatable cost–benefit ratio.

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With its three variants, HORST600, HORST1000, and HORST1400, HORST covers a wide range of load capacities and ranges and can therefore be used for all conceivable use cases and automation solutions. What is more, HORST’s highly efficient drive performance and precise repeat accuracy are convincing.

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Simple operation.

With horstFX, our intuitive robot software that is easy to operate, both pick-and-place as well as complex processes can be programmed in just a few minutes. You don’t even need any programming skills to do this but can simply create programs graphically.

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Suitable for all sectors and applications.

Our lightweight robot HORST is an all-purpose robot that is suited for any area of application. Equipped with grippers, suction cups, and other tools, HORST adapts to all of your requirements. After all, it is your HORST for any eventuality.

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Modern production technologies.

HORST is developed and produced in Constance on Lake Constance. Simple subsystems and resource-conserving production processes are particularly important to us in this context. This allows us not only to raise functionality to a new level but also to reduce the probability of failure and contribute to saving our environment in the long term. And we do this with an excellent cost–benefit ratio.

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Frequently asked questions about the lightweight robot.

Lightweight robots offer enormous potential for optimizing various in-house tasks. They handle light loads, are inexpensive, flexible, and easy to implement.

Lightweight robots offer the following features:

  • They are light enough to be carried and set up by one person.
  • They have a simple user interface and are operated via touchscreens.
  • They are usually equipped with sensors that enable direct, hazard-free cooperation with humans.

With our lightweight robot HORST600, we offer a fast, efficient, easy to operate, and extremely safe and cost-efficient robot that achieves high levels of efficiency and added value even in small and medium-sized companies.

Lightweight robots are used in traditional workpiece handling, for example for inserting, fitting, and positioning, as well as in assembly, for example for mounting and joining. In addition, lightweight robots can be used as assistance systems in the industry and medical engineering.

Our lightweight robot HORST600 is also flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications. Our intuitive software horstFX allows even complex program sequences to be created without previous knowledge. With the right sensors, HORST600 can be upgraded such that it can cooperate with humans.

A robot system not only consists of the robot itself but also includes various components that were developed for the different requirements of the respective applications, such as grippers or general components like feeding systems, clamping systems, sensors, measuring devices, and safety-relevant components. Each component of the robot system must be selected in accordance with the requirements of your automation process, adjusted if necessary, and implemented.  In addition, the technical feasibility and existing standards and circumstances must be considered.

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The low price and intuitive operation of lightweight robots are convincing. Here at fruitcore robotics, we are proud to say that with our lightweight robot HORST600, we are pioneers in both areas.

HORST’s intuitive software is convincing. With horstFX, you can use the touch interface of the included control panel horstPANEL to create even complex program sequences graphically without any programming skills.

With its simplicity of programming and unique cost–benefit ratio, HORST is your opportunity for a simple and affordable introduction to automation.

Lightweight robots, and our HORST600 in particular, offer numerous advantages:

  • Low purchase price
  • Low inertia thanks to low unladen weight
  • Direct cooperation with human workers is possible thanks to sensors
  • Simple operation usually via touchscreen
  • Easy to integrate into existing processes
  • High level of flexibility
  • Consistent and high quality
  • Cases of downtime are short

The amount of maintenance a lightweight robot requires depends on the type, duration, and frequency of servicing measures performed. These include maintenance, inspection, and servicing. The manner and frequency with which these servicing measures are carried out affect the eventuality of an unexpected failure.

The amount of maintenance a lightweight robot requires depends on the type, duration, and frequency of all measures, such as maintenance, inspection, and servicing. Servicing also influences the likelihood of an unplanned failure of the machines.

Thanks to its innovative design, robot system HORST requires very little maintenance. This allows all three support arms to be replaced in a few minutes. The components of our robot system are easily accessible and therefore very easy to maintain. In addition, we use high-quality components exclusively that are designed for a long life cycle.

Die Automatisierungstechnologie hat in den vergangenen Jahren ein rasantes Wachstum erfahren. Komplexere Aufgabenstellungen haben zu einer technologischen Weiterentwicklung vor allem im Bereich der Sensorik geführt, durch die sich auch sukzessive die Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Leichtbauroboter vervielfältigt haben. Damit einher geht ein wachsender Bedarf an Fachkräften, die in der Lage sind, Leichtbauroboter zu programmieren und zu bedienen.

Automation technology has undergone rapid growth over the last few years. More complex tasks have led to technological development in the area of sensor systems in particular. As a result, the possibilities for use of lightweight robots have also multiplied gradually. This is accompanied by an increasing demand for specialists who can program and operate lightweight robots.

The major advantage of HORST is that our lightweight robot does not require specialists or the corresponding in-depth expertise.
The design of the user interface is very intuitive, which makes it easy to operate. HORST is operated via a 13.3-inch touchscreen and the accompanying horstFX software. Users can use the graphical user interface to set up complex workflows without programming skills and within just 30 minutes. External machines can be actuated via the common industry interfaces. Thanks to the savings in terms of time and personnel costs, companies can achieve particularly economically efficient production with our lightweight robot, even if comparatively small quantities are to be produced.